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Words that began this Journey...

"Everything we chase, and everything we run from is in this body.

All our trauma, all our joy, we have it right here, everywhere we go, if we can learn to be exactly as we are, no judgement, no attachment, we can heal a lifetimes worth of our own mysteries.

The healing comes naturally. We learn, we are love. We are all the joy that we are searching for. It takes time, but it is so simple; to this life through love, compassion, and honesty within ourselves, as abundant and full of life as nature, as we wish, ever-changing, eternally.

So forgive yourself again, and again. Love yourself even more. Breathe to ground and breathe to transcend. Be a conscious creator of your own reality. Comparing yourself is a direct act of violence. Know, it is safe to be seen. Be utterly present with yourself. Make love. Have sex. Masterbate. Meditate. Scream.

Free yourself of attachment. Know, we are love. That is it.

I am love. I am love. I am love. Repeat that again." - Allie Peterson, Founder.


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we love you. we love our planet.

I am love started on a promise to keep our impact on the environment at the forefront; we wanted to go the step further, and reconnect us to mother. The only ingredients in our products are organic plant oils and organic herbs, nothing else. Our packaging is glass, designed to be reused and reimagined. Everything is from and made in Australia, in the Northern Rivers of NSW. We hope to change the game around how we look at the products we use on our bodies, from how they are made, to how we use them to connect our essence back to ourselves, our energy, and the earth we live on. Finding the love in yourself, knowing that we are love, and that is all we need.

no words!!!!!!! the oil left both me and my partner speechless. warming, sensation heightening, not sticky (didnt make a mess), had our heads spinning hehe. also loved it during solo sesh, so special to treat yourself to something lush, especially when you know it has quality ingredients that aren't going to throw your PH balance off. can't wait to get my hands on some more.


The sex oil feels so buttery on your skin, and has a nice subtle flowery scent. It really enhaced the foreplay and overall made my whole experience more enjoyable. I struggles with thrush for a bit and found that the oil was super soothing in that time. The best part is that a coupe drops go a long way! If you're looking to improve your sex life or spice things up I highly reccomend this product!


We live and make our products in Northern Rivers, NSW.

We acknowledge the Arakwal people of Bundjalung Nation who are the Traditional Custodians of this land which we live, work, and stand on. We pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging, and recognise their connection to the land.