Deepening your Intimacy with your Partner(s)

How to connect with your lover on a deeper level. Physically & energetically. We're coming back to our roots of connection and sharing some ideas to increase trust, understanding and intimacy with your partner(s). 


Eye gazing with your lover is a powerful communication skill that increases intimacy & trust in our relationships. An important part of understanding others in built through eye contact, our eyes are the window to our soul - find your partners soul by spending a few minutes eye gazing. 

(If you feel like crying in this exercise, it's totally normal, eye gazing can be intense and overwhelmingly beautiful. Embrace your vulnerability.


Treat your lover to a nervous system massage with our Transcend S*x Oil. Soft and light touch activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows your partner to slip into a conscious and relaxed state of mind. Sensual, sexual and emotional touch promotes intimacy and connection with your lover. Additionally, the act of giving can be connecting, healing, and arousing. 


Sit down with your partner on the bed or on the ground. Wrap your legs around each other so that your bodies can easily touch. Lean your heads to the right side and rest your heads on each others shoulder so that your hearts are touching. Allow your breath to soften and sync with each others - move through breathing in the same rhythm, for a few minutes.