Energy is Older than Language

Since the beginning of time, energy transmission is how we communicated. 

Why are we now so distant from understanding the energies of those around us, our peers, our partners, and very importantly, ourselves?

"As I was traveling India I had so many encounters that I would run into people who didn't speak the same language as I did. We would still have an incredible conversation. We would speak two completely different languages, but it had nothing to do with what was rolling off our tongue, it was the energy that was being interpreted." - Allie, founder

How could this be? Our whole educational existence has been related to how to speak to others. How to use our words. How to communicate needs, desires, boundaries. What is correct grammar? How to use kind words and not say anything of disrespect to another. 

Words have great depth, they are vital. But we are missing the meaning of these words. Where does the depth come from? Why do our elders hate swearing so much? It's the meaning, it's the energy behind it, not the word, not the language. 

It is time we move our learning into energetics so we can get to know ourselves better. To have greater consensual depth in intimacy, and everyday life. It is time we remember the elder in communication; Energy. Get to know yourself, get to know what you like and dislike, get to know when your body is saying a full yes, and when it is a maybe or only a partial yes. It is only then that we can begin to understand that of our partners. It is only then that we can understand a yes as a yes, using the language as an energy.