The Consent Series: Episode 1

 TRIGGER WARNING: Themes of working through energetic consent beyond the consensual "yes" with every step of intimacy. In this series we are working on deeper acknowledgement of signs of disconnect, energy changes, desires, and pleasure.

Lets talk about consent. 

Consent is sexy, beautiful, playful, fun, kind, conscious, and essential. 

Intimacy can be serious, fun, sensual, or playful; knowing that our desires can be different every time; messy, light, strong, chaotic, intense... but with the one requirement that never changes; consent. In all stages. 

In this series we dive deeper into acknowledgment of signs of disconnect, desires, and pleasure through energy changes and communication. 


In this episode we focus on diving into what subtle changes in our bodies can look like even after verbal consent. Often, our energy can shift in what we desire in a current intimate setting, and sometimes, our bodies tell us before our mind does. Tapping into our own and our partners energy shifts is a vital part of intimacy.

Every body is different, so remember to constantly check in for verbal, physical, and energetic full body yeses in yourself and your partner(s), and know, we are ALWAYS allowed to change our mind, say no, and ask for less, more, or a difference course.

Film and Directing by Hazily Film

Directing by Allie Peterson

Talent: Ebany and Sabastian